A Look Back...

Some of our shoppers have been with us since the beginning... Others have entered our doors in our last two years of business and have never gotten the opportunity to learn much about our personal lives. I thought it would be fun to kick off our new adventures of 2017 with a post about our family and what led us into this beautiful business!

These are the backbones of the Copperwood operation. D (aka Dustin) and I (Megan) are pictured in the center. To the left are my parents Wayne and KD, and to the right are my brother, Dustin (yes, he's a Dustin too) and his wife, Sarah. Together we are what keeps the wonderful world of Copperwood turning.

From an early age my parents taught Dustin and I practical skills of life. We dabbled in construction, repairs, crafts and momma even taught me how to sew. I’ve often joked throughout the years that if we couldn’t do something, it likely couldn’t be done. Our family is the epitome of a jack of all trades. Even with all of the life skills we learned, my parents always encouraged us to go to college and get a good education. So, after high school that’s exactly what I did. I spent my first two years of college here locally at Georgia Highlands, but eventually applied and was accepted to The University of Georgia. Originally I just applied to see if I would get in, but after I got accepted I started considering the opportunities that were available to me. I thankful stepped out on a limb and moved to Athens. I majored in Health Promotions and graduated with honors. I planned to get a job as a health coach, but obviously the Lord had other plans for my life.

After moving back from college, I started working with my dad who owns a small construction business. Though it was initially going to be temporary until I found a job in my field, I quickly settled into working with him and learning the ins and outs of building. Eventually I found a hobby in buying, redoing and selling furniture, and that’s when the entrepreneur in me started tossing around the idea of opening my own shop. I always thought that owning my own company would be awesome, but I never dreamed that it would be in retail. In the meantime, Prince Charming had also found his way into my life. Lo and beholding we had a lot more in common than you can imagine. He too was working for his dad in the construction business and we found a common ground in building. He began helping me with my new found hobby in furniture refinishing. One morning on my way to work, I saw a “for sale or rent” sign outside of what is now the home of Copperwood. I picked up the phone and made a quick call just to find out a little more information on the building, and about a month later I was sitting down to sign a lease. So here D and I were in a fairly new relationship and I was dragging him head deep into a business venture.

We spent two months working on the CW building before we finally opened the doors in December 2014. The hours and hours of labor we spent revamping that place seems like a distant memory now, but it is truly amazing the transformation we were able to make. The day that the shop opened we were blown away at the number of people who came and showed support for our little dream. Thinking back to that day makes me giggle a little because I remember scrabbling and even bringing furniture from our house just to fill empty spaces and make the store seem fuller. Til this day I’m still in awe at how much this little shop has evolved since it first began. In the beginning it was just me at the shop by myself on most days. Eventually we were able to hire a part time helper. Now we have grown enough that we have several girls who work with us and my mom and D have both quit their full time jobs to work at the store. We even have a sweet little shop kitty who hangs out with us on most days! It’s funny to think we went from scrabbling for furniture to having so furniture that I often turn to D for affirmation that I’m not really a hoarder… Am I??? hehe! 

 Here are a few flash back pictures to the work we did around the shop!

Here are a few flash back pictures to the work we did around the shop!

Owning and running this business isn’t always easy, but we are truly unworthy of the blessings that Lord has given us. We have managed to take a dream of owning our own shop and turn it into a real business with real customers and real employees. There were days where I wondered if we could really make a living doing this, but God has proven over and over again that he always cares for those who love and seek him. We love this business and work hard every single day to make sure that it continues to grow and flourish. Of course we still have big dreams for the future, but we are so thankful for where we are and the journey that gotten us here. Though God has brought us this far, we also couldn't have made it to this point without our loyal and amazing customers. You guys are what makes Copperwood what is is today. We could paint and build all the furniture in the world, but without you guys trusting us and believing in our products enough to buy them, we obviously couldn't continue to do what we do.  Just remember that ever time you enter our doors, we are truly thankful for your business and support.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little about what brought us to this shop and what fuels our passions. I'd love to answer any questions you guys may have as well!

In an effort to push our business to the next level, I promise that I am going to try to be more religious about bringing you guys regular, useful blogs with great information! Stay tuned for more my friends!

Until next time,