The Copperwood guys head West to go pickin'

Last weekend we “allowed” our guys to take what they told us was a trip of a lifetime (*** insert lots of sarcasm).  They like to think that they are the picking kings of Cartersville! When it comes to buying and selling they are truly passionate, but that passion is a little terrifying. Sometimes their “amazingly awesome” purchases aren’t always the most desirable items to our typical market. One time they came back to the store with an old metal racecar seat, faces gleaming with pride… The first words out of my mouth were, “Dude really?” Uh yea… That seat has made its way into a dark corner of our workshop just collecting dust. Keeping that little background story in mind here’s the story of the best picking adventure yet!



The “Ustins” are three members of the Copperwood family. Dustin, Justin, & Dustin.  Because they are usually found together, we just collectively call them the “Ustin’s”. Each are burly and bearded men who love to get their hands dirty.


A few weeks ago, they made a connection with a guy who owns a barn that had been collecting “junk” for five generations. The owner mentioned a few items that may been buried inside, however they set out on their picking experience mostly blind regarding expectations. One of the bigger treasures the owner did mention were old barber chairs. The guys began researching to up their barber knowledge.  They think that Google makes them instant experts! While the girls and Mr. Wayne spent their Saturday working away at Copperwood Co., they guys hit road at 6:00 AM and headed west. Early morning we all received an interesting photo that set the stage for the rest of the afternoon…




As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”… LITERALLY! Apparently the goggles are “picking goggles” that instantly raises their intelligence 500 fold.


The following info is a recollection from the guys: When we pulled up to the guy’s yard he was waiting on us. The barn was WAY bigger than we ever thought it would be! It was very overwhelming. We spent the first hour moving stuff out of way just so we could walk through the barn.  Justin adds, “That part was really bad for my ADD!” After sifting through junk and old barber items for hours, we finally made our way up to the second story of the barn. That old man had managed to use a pulley elevator to store the barber chairs in the second story. Once we saw those chairs we knew we were definitely taking some home and that our wives were definitely not going to approve of this purchase. We were totally right! Each chair weighed about 400 pounds and it was then that we realized that hand trucks were a necessary part of any picking trip and we did not bring any… lucky us. We spent the next two hours wrestling those chairs down from that top floor. Labor of love! The best part of the day was when the owner agreed to throw in a box of toupees. Yes, we did wear them and yes it was awesome!




The guys declared their trip a success by coming home with four turn of the century and well conditioned barber chairs, two barber poles, an old cash register, a stack of porcelain Wildroot signs, a vintage metal chest of drawers, and who can forget the box of toupees.

Our life is pretty entertaining, especially with so many “Ustins” floating around!